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© D cutler 03/2014
David is the photographer of the family, having been interested in this subject since his early teens. Starting out in with a basic SLR a Zenit E, Russian built manual camera and even developing  and printing his own photographs in a darkroom built at his parents home. Over time this was upgraded to a Nikon FG, then finaly making the move to Digital photography in 2011 purchasing a Canon 500D then later upgrading to a 600D In 2003 David purchased a cheap Epogue fixed focus underwater film camera to have a go at taking pictures while diving, combining both hobbies.....ahh heaven.. Not happy with knowing if we had any decent photo's, In 2004 purchased our first Fuji 3mp digital camera and housing. This has been replaced twice over the past 9 years until the last replacement in 2014 with a 14mp Olympus in a new Ikelite housing. For land based photography, after many years of film photography using Nikon cameras, a change of allegience to Canon with a 500D and 600D . Heather now joining in with the purchase of a new Olympus Pen E-PL5 compact system camera...so soon to come Heather’s contribution to the website!
"The quickest way to make money at photography is to sell all your cameras"
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